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Our staff is composed of PROFESSIONALS, TRUE EXPERTS in their specific field, who constantly collaborate in the implementation of commissioned projects.

A great deal of work has been carried out in the lower part of Tuscany; a great deal has been done in the Val d’Orcia where the company has restructured more than 60 farmhouses, performed extraordinary maintenance, restorations, remakes of entire buildings, as well as small ordinary maintenance work.

Real Estate

Immobiliare Morgantini, agenzia immobiliare Val d'Orcia

The Real Estate Agency was founded from the need to create a complete, parallel and additional package for the many customers of the construction company. This allows us to offer a network of pre- and after-sales services that go beyond the skills of standard property agents.

The services provided are varied in type and range from consulting to renovation and maintenance work meeting the needs of customers who wish to sell or buy property in southern Tuscany. We mainly deal with properties located in the cities of Sarteano and Villas, as well as Casali in Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. Our customers are assisted in every stage of the contract, accompanied by technicians and craftsmen for any other requirements. In addition, we only offer our customers properties that we have selected on the basis of saleability parameters, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences during negotiations. We obligatorily perform all urban audits, land registry and certifications.

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A highly experienced company, operating in the construction sector since 1952, a valuable team of professionals, whose experience in the construction field is proven by many years of successful activity.

Specialising in the renovation and conservative restoration of farmhouses, placed in enviable landscape contexts such as the Val d’Orcia, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, where we have completed over 60 projects.

Not to mention apartments and entire villages. The company is available for residential construction works too, at competitive prices with guaranteed results.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.


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Some of our projects


The history of the Morgantini family in the construction sector began a long time ago, when Colombo Morgantini, born in 1893, left the world of upholstery in which his father worked, to dedicate himself to the construction sector, first as a bricklayer then as a foreman. He later created a small family-run business with his children, after some work experience in Rome, where among other tasks he completed some important projects.

In the 1920s, he returned to Sarteano; those years were very difficult as far as work was concerned so, to feed his family, Colombo began to work for farmers and landowners, using bartering as a method of payment. After a break in activity due to the war years that forced most of the village’s inhabitants to flee, Colombo and his son Fabio, took over the reins of the company, contributing to the reconstruction of the town of Sarteano, at the time in ruins due to the bombing. In 1952, Fabio Morgantini’s construction company by the name of ICERM was definitively founded, while the other brothers continued to collaborate as employees.

Fabio’s tenacity helped overcome the many obstacles and create a solid business that was part of the thriving property market of those years, expanding into the surrounding area. The ’60s represented an opportunity for work and stability until in the ’70s, Fabio’s son, Mauro Morgantini, joined the company, providing a crucial turning point both in terms of work organisation and innovation, transforming the company from an artisan entity to an entrepreneurial one.


Since then, the ICERM construction company has been geared towards two main sectors: the construction and direct sale of houses and the construction of residential and industrial building work for third parties.


In the ’90s, after the death of his father, Mauro Morgantini took over the company definitively, initially with the help of his father’s cousin, Franz. Now, the fourth generation has appeared in the company, with his son Yuri entering in the ’90s and his daughter Roberta entering in 2009.


The company continues its activity mainly in the renovation sector, with important orders for churches, farmhouses and historic buildings. Today, the company is one of the largest in the area with 20 employees and many other companies in collaboration, with a vast fleet of work vehicles to meet any business requirement.

Storia Gruppo Morgantini
Storia Gruppo Morgantini
Storia Gruppo Morgantini

The team

Where we are

Sarteano is one of the most fascinating villages in the Val d’Orcia, on the border with the Val di Chiana and located in an area that is rich in history, art and culture.

Halfway between Florence and Rome, only 6 km from the motorway exit Chiusi-Chianciano Terme on the A1 and 10 km from the railway station. Sarteano is located in a green plateau on the slopes of Mount Cetona, it can be reached in a few minutes: Montepulciano famous worldwide for its production of Vino Nobile, Pienza known by all as Pope Pius II’s favourite city, Lake Trasimeno, the famous spas of San Casciano dei Bagni, Bagno Vignoni and Monte Amiata, offering refreshment in the hot summers and from the snowy ski slopes in winter.

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