Church of San Francesco

Interior and exterior renovation work of the church of San Francesco in Sarteano.

The renovation work was designed following a careful analysis of the deterioration situation developed overtime. This was fuelled by substantial infiltration from the roof that had compromised the wooden supporting, causing also the plaster to detach.

The activities were carried out by a team of professionals who, for specific technical skills, have defined the different operating modes in symbiosis with the competent Superintendency and the diocesan offices.

The restoration carried out involved all the structural components, after consolidation actions, by providing the installation of metal profiles aimed at improving the response and static combination between load-bearing masonry and wooden trusses. All this was performed by acting, above all, on those areas that presented situations of instability due to original subsidence and earthquakes which have occurred over time.

This way of execution was also used for all operations carried out precisely in respect of the historical building and what it represents, in a spirit of preservation of memory and protection of this asset.

Many of the activities carried out are not perceptible. The only visible result is the recovery of the church’s external finish which, following various samples, has been restored with the recovery of the original support and drafting of a completion veiling taking up the original double colour tone. An earthenware plaster was used for the formation of the base, which is an ancient technique to improve the breathability of the walls.

Construction activities last for about seven months. A total of 10 professionals and about thirty operating technicians were involved.

  • Place Sarteano, Tuscany, Italy
  • Nationality of the client Italian
  • Delivery year 2003
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